Granite Strategies

Fundamental to our investment philosophy is for us to first establish your needs and objectives. We then analyse your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss in order to match you to any investment strategy we recommend. It's vital for our clients to understand the relationship between risk, reward and the longer-term nature of investing. We also discuss in depth with you what type of investment you are looking for. We can then establish if you are looking for *active or passive investment types or guaranteed returns. Once this is completed we can then use the information to tailor any investment into the correct tax wrapper to suit your personal situation.

*Active investing, as its name implies, takes a more hands-on approach; whereas passive investing has a longer buy-and-hold strategy. If you'd like us to explain in more detail, please contact us.

Granite Financial Management offers clients a set of five strategies to invest in. These are managed by Tatton Investment Management, a leading discretionary fund manager. We selected Tatton as their investment philosophy matches our own. Each strategy offers six different risk profiles so that we are capable of meeting the investment requirements of practically all investors.

All of the strategies are actively managed and will be adjusted when needed to maximise the opportunity for returns, without altering your risk exposure. You will receive quarterly reports allowing you to see exactly how your money is performing, where its invested and any changes that have been made to the portfolio.

In providing you with access to the strategies we are in effect offering you the best of breed solution that we are confident will continue to be developed with your interests at heart. Clients investing in the strategies will have their attitude to investment risk monitored by us to ensure they are investing according to their own risk profile. We will only recommend investing in a strategy if it can meet your personal investment objectives, otherwise other investments will be considered for you.

We offer the following strategies to our investors:


Designed for investors who value active stock picking. Actively managed investment funds concentrate on discriminately picking securities which are deemed to offer better return opportunities than others.


Tatton's lowest cost option for investors who value market efficiency over stock picking. The Tracker investment strategy mainly invests in passively managed funds (trackers).


Designed for cost-conscious investors favouring both active and passive investment, but not ready to depend fully on one or the other.


Tatton's route to sustainable, socially responsible investment, without compromising on quality. Actively managed and diversified, Tatton's Ethical Portfolio is based on strict environmental, social, governance (ESG) and ethical principles.


Aiming to generate a consistent source of growing income for each risk level, while growing the money originally invested in line with the rate of UK inflation, or higher. When it comes to investment, one size does not fit all.

Managing risk is paramount to managing investments and so within each strategy we can select a risk profile that matches your risk tolerance so your long-term investment objectives can be met.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.